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Recreate Linux Server

What to install:

  1. System Archlinux/Manjaro whatever Arch based...
  2. Packages:
    • openssl (SSH server). Just enable the daemon.
    • nginx (WWW server) Copy .conf from backup, too many details.
    • php-fpm (requried PHP libraries)
    • php-gd (graphics related PHP library required by Grav). Uncomment gd in php-ini.
    • ddclient (dynamic DNS client). Modify .conf file to make it communicate with OVH.
    • cerbot (automate letsencrypt cert renewal) For the first time aquire the cert with temporary web server, not nginx or offline option.
  3. Optional and useful stuff:
    • bpytop, fail2ban, yay, vim, zsh, mc, proftpd, screen